Thursday, November 11, 2010

road trip

While Chris was in Virginia for a work conference, I drove to Grantham, PA to visit friends I hadn't seen in over five years.

As it turns out, Grantham is only six hours away from Medina.

I remember when we lived on the west coast and the Hardings moved away, I had no concept of where they were actually landing.  Beyond the fact that geography is not my forté, the east coast just seemed, I don't know, like an incredible distance from California and Washington.  Even though I've been to Europe more than once, Europe seemed more accessible to me than Maryland (where they lived first) and Pennsylvania . I'm not even being dramatic, though I realize it's a silly notion.

Now, six or seven years later, we find ourselves in that "incredibly far away" part of the country and less than a day's drive from our dear friends.

My adventure started Tuesday morning and ended yesterday evening. I arrived at their place in time for dinner and left after a late breakfast.  I did most of my driving barefoot and sustained myself with caramel soy lattes, bottles of water, apples, crispy rice bars and McDonald's french fries.  My selection of road music resembled a Lilith Fair tour (with the exception of my boys, Def Leppard), and was all my own choosing.  I don't think I'll ever grow tired of singing the songs of Indigo Girls at the top of my lungs.  I will, however, grow tired of Larry Norman anthologies (a Chris Holowaty special).

Fred and Michelle took good care of me upon arrival, and our visit felt like little time had passed.  Well, aside from the three children they've birthed over the years.  The oldest (Emma) we knew when she was a baby, but now is tall and well-spoken and can read and just started riding her bike without training wheels.  The second (Abby) is an entertainer, funny, and full of stories.  And the youngest, Samuel, is a handsome little guy who recently discovered his toes and mobility by rolling.  And wasn't it just yesterday hubby and I were singing in the Harding wedding?

I guess time flies when you're really living.

Smile.  Life is in session.

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