Friday, November 5, 2010

cranberry sauce

The weather reports this week have predicted rain, temperatures below 40 degrees, and possible snow showers.

Last night I visited my friend, Anna, at the cafe she works at in Valley City, and we saw sleet.  It was the real deal, even if it only lasted for a minute.

All of this frigid weather talk has inspired me to fill our home with the scents of Fall.  I have baked batches of butternut squash, crispy marshmallow treats, turned Amish baby reds in to mashed potatoes (with blue cheese), spritzed the spiced cider-scented room spray from Bath & Body Works, heated up mugs of actual apple cider, today I'm going to cook a pot of lentil soup, and yesterday I had fun with cranberries.


My husband has a knack for sarcasm.  So, before I turned my bag of raw berries in to something palatable, I responded to one of his remarks by pelting him with a dozen of the fruit pieces first.  He deserved it.  Granted, he threw them back at me, and we ended in a fit of laughter (and a truce).

Following our hallway antics, I went back to the stove and cooked up a perfectly tart and sweet batch of cranberry sauce, adding blueberries, dried apricots, orange juice, maple syrup, cinnamon and apple butter.  I was determined to not add any extra sugar to the mix, and I succeeded.  Chris doesn't like homemade cranberry sauce, so I will be the one to indulge in this Thanksgiving staple (three weeks before Thanksgiving).

Speaking of cranberry sauce, I leave you with a memorable exchange from the 1993 movie, Shadowlands:

C.S. Lewis: Have you got any cranberry sauce, Mrs. Young?
Mrs. Young: Cranberry sauce, what's that?
C.S. Lewis: Well, it's sauce made from.. cranberries.
Mrs. Young: You find me some cranberries, Mr. Lewis, and I'll sauce them.

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  1. Oh that weather sounds wonderful! It's been in the 90's here, the only cooking is us! Love and Miss you!