Thursday, October 7, 2010

life imitates art

When I look at art I like to get up close.

Nose-to-nose, so to speak.

I like to see the brush strokes that created a painting, the lighting behind a photograph, the shape of a sculpture, the texture of a collage, the draping of a garment, the way a chef plates a meal, and the manner in which color hugs all sides of a canvas.  I'm not an art enthusiast, per se, but I do appreciate how people express their passions and flex their creative muscles.

Tonight hubby and I took a walk together.

The temperature was just warm enough, the breeze was slight. Crickets and frogs created a soundtrack for our stroll and the leaves on the trees greeted us with their rich fall colors.  We shared the highlights of our day.

We laughed about things, arm-in-arm.

Tina Pennington, a local artist, was showing her paintings at a gallery in the townsquare, so we went to meet her and experience her work.  We were delighted by the layers of color and the obvious technique, time, and detail that went in to each of her pieces.  It was fun drinking wine, eating hors d'oeuvres, and letting Tina share about her craft with us.  She is a lovely woman with an eye for dimension.

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As we returned home, I found myself extra grateful for the man by my side.  He's the kind of art piece I will gladly stand nose-to-nose with any day of the week.

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