Sunday, October 10, 2010


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Chris and I just returned from our first Ohioan clambake.  We are filled to the seams with butter and mollusks.

Hubby is now taking a nap and I'm blogging.

I am sleepy, too.  Sleepy from the sunshine, sleepy from the wind, sleepy from talking to a parking lot full of friends from our church, sleepy from a belly full of good food.

Clams, clam nectar, roasted chicken, sweet corn, baked yams, coleslaw, bread rolls, lemonade, sweet tea, whipped butter, honey butter, melted butter.. somebody pinch me.

Guess what else?  A couple in our church run a mobile business that brings wildlife to events and lets kids and adults interact with animals and learn more about them.  When we arrived, I was most fascinated by the reptiles.  Soon after I asked to pet the snake, I was wearing the snake.  She was by far my favorite animal in the bunch. As we were leaving, we saw children being hissed at by cockroaches, petting a raccoon, talking to a cockatiel, staring wide-eyed at a tarantula, and chasing a pair of tortoises up the hillside.

I'm hoping for my second wind to kick in soon.

And next year I'm hoping for a pig roast.

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