Thursday, September 30, 2010

police blotter: animal edition

SKUNK: Police stopped at a Lafayette Rd. residence in reference to a suspicious person around 8:20am on March 3. The resident was revving the engine of his ATV hoping the exhaust would smoke out a skunk which had nested in the home's foundation.

CAT URINE: A caller told police that an odor of cat urine was emanating from a Norwegian Wood Dr. home on May 26. Police responded, but did not find any obtrusive smell coming from the home.

DUCKLINGS: Four ducklings were stuck inside a sewer grate on N. Jefferson St. around 8:30am on June 3. Police responded to the location, which was actually in Montville Township. The Montville Township fire department also responded and removed the sewer grate. Officers rescued one duckling but the other three waddled under the roadway. But the story ended well. The other three ducklings came out a sewer on the other side of the road, and all four were reunited with their mother.

BOA ON THE LOOSE: Police found a boa constrictor on Lawrence St. on July 12. Officer contacted the SPCA, who arrived and transported the snake away.

PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL?: Though it isn't February, a groundhog came out of its hole and ran loose on Medina's Public Square around 3:51pm on July 17. Police responded and determined that the animal was not endangering citizens in the area. Apparently, the groundhog ignored his stark shadow; hopefully his boldness means three more months of summer.

BEES!: Police encountered a swarm of bees in close proximity to the roadway near the intersection of S. Harmony St. and E. Liberty St. at 4:22pm on Sept. 8. Believing that it could pose a danger to the public, officers contacted a beekeeper who arrived and contained the bees.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: A resident called police at 9:50pm on Sept. 21 about two dogs barking for several hours in a neighbor's yard. Police spoke with the woman who owns the dogs. The women refused to give police information about herself beyond her first name. Police discovered her identity through its computer system. Police had visited the home about such complaints in the past. The woman, 55, was cited for the disturbance created by the dogs.

SQUIRREL: Residents called police because they were trapped in their home by a temperamental squirrel.

Welcome to Ohio.

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