Thursday, September 9, 2010

the list

Before we made our cross-country move, our friend Stephanie gave us a list of places to visit in Ohio.  At the time, only one of the items on the list sounded familiar.  Fast forward six months, they are now like household names.

Last Saturday we crossed off the first location: Cedar Point.

You may be thinking this would be the kind of place we'd go to often. With names like Magnum, Millennium Force, Wicked Twister, Mantis, Power Tower, Mean Streak and Corkscrew, who wouldn't jump in their vehicle and race to these extreme rides with enthusiasm?

Um, that would be me.

When it comes to roller coasters and steel contraptions that fling you and suspend you high up in the air, I'm a chicken.  No matter how many kids half my age try to convince me that all it will take is one ride on the Raptor and my fears will be curbed, I'm still a chicken.   I do love the park experience, though.   Show me the way to garlic fries, corn dogs, and ice cream and I'm a happy girl.   I will hold your purse, take pictures and cheer you on as you brave the rides I'll be avoiding.

I'm really good company, I just like my feet on the ground.

My favorite amusement park companion is my dad.  He and I have an understanding that we are there for each other's moral support, but we don't need to say anything (or breathe) until the ride is over.  He doesn't try to convince me that this will be the best ride ever, and he is never the type to make our passenger car on the ferris wheel tip or tilt or swing on purpose.  My second favorite amusement park companion is my mom, because she giggles and shrieks like I do, even on the kiddie rides.  My third favorite amusement park companion is my husband.  He is cool and calm, and he is good at gauging whether or not I will like something.  Plus he holds my hand.

I like when he holds my hand.

Fear aside, our day at Cedar Point was a lot of fun!  The park is located in Sandusky, Ohio.  Try saying that city name out loud: San-dus-kee.   It's a good one, right?  I liked it so much when I first heard it, I asked my hubby if he would consider us changing our last name (he went for it!).  Our park mates that day were Johnny and Rachel, who are as cute as cute can be, have great taste in music, and laugh as much (or more) than me.  They really like the thrill of thrill rides, so I knew Chris was in good hands.

So, we took turns.  I stood in line with them for the rides that scared me, and they rode the rides that I could handle.  My kind of rides are called Midway Carrousel, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Troika, Tilt-A-Whirl, and.. wait for it.. Disaster Transport.  That last one sounds tough, doesn't it?

Top Thrill Dragster was the last big ride of our day.  It's one that has grandstands where spectators can sit and watch as the brave ones are propelled forward, like being released from a sling shot, and hurled 420 feet in to the air on a vertical track.  The speed of the cars exceed 120 miles per hour!  Guess who was the spectator in our party?

Windblown and smiling, we ended our romp with dinner at Carrabba's Italian Grill.  I could spend an entire blog entry describing the cuisine at this place.  Instead, I will leave you with this: Carrabba's is the best Italian food Chris & I have eaten in a restaurant since our trip to Italy five years ago.   Hands down.   I highly recommend the Cozze in Bianco (mussels swimming in a garlic-butter broth), Sicilian Chicken Soup, the Pollo Rosa Maria, and the Spiedino Di Mare.  All four of us left with gluttonous grins on our faces and enough garlic on our breath to stop a horse.

Make that a stampede of horses.

Game on.

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  1. I could actually hear you talking as I read this - this was such an Amy blog :) My favorite: "I'm really good company, I just like my feet on the ground." Yes you are good company Amy :).