Tuesday, September 7, 2010

come on eileen

© photo credit: urbanfarmschool.com

This is Lillie.  Doesn't she have the sweetest face?

She is somebody's grandma who loves big pancakes for breakfast and putting Sweet 'N Low in her coffee.  I don't know Lillie, but I think she is lovely, and she captures the feeling I get every time I walk in to a small town diner.

Medina is certainly not lacking for casual restaurants, but I'd have to say my new favorite place for a cozy nosh and company is Eileen's Cafe in Valley City.  I met a few girlfriends there this morning for a plate of their signature french toast.  I added a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar to my order, and savored every tasty, conversation and laughter-coated bite.

Terri, the owner, visited our table a few times to say hello, bring us a plate of chocolate chip cookies (dessert for breakfast = hooray!), and ask our input on possible evening hours and entertainment at Eileen's.  I should confess, half of the girls at our table work there, and all of them are regulars.  I was the newbie, but I adapted quickly.  Let's face it, wherever there is food, I feel at home.

Fun fact (maybe it's true or maybe the girls were preying on my gullibility?): apparently, the restaurant got its name because the building is slanted.  "I Lean" turned in to "Eileen."   I really want to believe it's true.  Either way, it was a morning well-spent, and a breakfast date that ended with a trip to the lavender-scented gift shop next door.

I think Lillie would approve.

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