Tuesday, August 3, 2010

fair food

© photo credit: http://www.time.com

My love of elephant ears was born probably the day I was born.

I grew up in Washington state, not far from the Native American population.  When I was young, it seemed that every festival and community event we attended included people selling homemade fry bread (with your choice of sweet toppings).  The fondest memory I have is that one summer in high school when our youth group spent a week living on the Lummi reservation, hoping to share the love of God with tribal members.  Not only were we blessed by their kindness, we ate elephant ears for days!

After my husband and I married in 1998, we moved to Southern California.  During that season of our life, we lived in Los Angeles and Orange County with not a fry bread stand to be found.  Many people tried to convince me that what I was really looking for were funnel cakes.  For those who love elephant ears as much as I do, you know that funnel cakes are not the same. (Nice try, though.)

And now, several years later, we find ourselves in Ohio.  I can tell you with great enthusiasm that fry bread is alive and well in Medina!

This week is the annual county fair and I have shamelessly stuffed my gut with delicious eats.  Yesterday my first stop was the elephant ear stand, followed by fresh lemonade (shaken not stirred), corn dogs, Italian sausage, french fries and a steak sandwich for my husband. Today will involve another round of elephant ears and maybe some fried cheese on a stick or a deep-fried pickle.

Sure, there are other elements of the fair we enjoy, but nothing quite seals the experience like cinnamon and sugar down your front, mustard on your collar, grease between your fingers, and a smile on your face.


  1. I was going through a big box of photos about 3 weeks ago and came across some pics from that youth trip (Lummi Is.?). I think I have one of the man that taught us to make fry bread. Now I'll have to see if i can find them again! You'll have to explain the deep fried pickle thing--that one I've never heard of, but then I had my first deep fried Oreo last year and my first pickled egg. I'm new to fancy fair food!

  2. Deep Fried Pickles and Ranch Dressing. hmmmmm.

  3. Yes, Rach! I would love to see those pics. :) Fair food is only a few months away! I'm drooling at the thought.