Friday, August 6, 2010

embrace the pink

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Apparently, I have this woman to thank for my pink bathroom.

Mamie Eisenhower.

Because I fell in love with our house the moment I entered, I found myself overlooking things like random fixtures, inadequate wiring, jerry-rigged plumbing, and the pink bathroom.  Maybe I thought it would magically not be pink when we actually moved in or that maybe it wasn't as pink as I originally saw it.

Nope, it's still pink.  Mamie pink.

Would you believe there is an actual web campaign trying to preserve the pink bathrooms of the world?   See for yourself.

Throughout the process of buying, remodeling, painting, repairing, cleaning and preparing our home for our move-in date, we gave several tours to our friends wanting to see the new place.  When I revealed the guest bathroom, the response was the same across the board.  Everyone was as perplexed and amused as we were, until we showed our friend Melanie.  Sure, she smiled at the sight, but it was her comment (in response to my color criticism) that stuck, and ended up having a profound effect on me.

"Stop fighting the pink, embrace the pink" is what she said.

Since we didn't have the budget to re-do this room, I took Mel's advice: I embraced it.   I quite like how it turned out.

Then I branded her phrase on my heart.

We have faced a number of new situations, new scenery, new relationships, new ministry, new climate, new a lot of things here in the midwest - some of which are easier to acclimate to than others. I am trying to embrace the new things that make me uncomfortable, instead of fighting to change them when they are not within my control to change.

Even if that means wading my way through the Ohio State Board licensing process or (thanks to humidity) sweating without moving.


  1. My grandparents used to have a pink bathroom. Seeing your pink sink brings back lots of happy memories. I quite like what you've done with it. Embrace, embrace, embrace. :)

    Jamie Walker (Bielser)

  2. Looks like your are growing up. You will be a dynamite grown-up!

  3. I used to have a pink kitchen that I loved (and still do):

  4. Thanks, friends! Life is more fun when shared. :)