Tuesday, July 13, 2010

police blotter: human nature

Oftentimes it's the folly of man that keeps us entertained.

This post will prove that notion, and will be the first of many featuring listings from our local police blotter.  What you are about to read has not been altered (headlines included).

PUNCH ME: Police received report of a man punching himself while walking along W. Reagan Pkwy around 7:35 p.m., April 6.  An officer located the man and spoke with him, making sure everything was fine.

COFFEE: It's not Starbucks, but a male customer became upset after learning the price of a cup of coffee at a S. Court St. gas station on April 7.  Police responded and warned him for his conduct.  The man said he would not return.

COMPLAINT?: A man entered the Medina Police Station on May 29 and asked if anyone had recently filed a complaint against him. Officers informed him that no one had made a complaint.

SYRINGE? NO, SHARPIE: A resident told police that there was a possible syringe lying in a front yard near Grant St. and S. Broadway St. on May 29.  Police responded and determined that the object was actually a Sharpie ink pen.

FIGHT, SCHOOL: Two men, ages 17 and 18, fought outside Claggett Middle School around 12:10 p.m., June 29.  The two men were allegedly fighting over girls.  When police arrived, the fight had ended.  Police told the two men to stay away from each other.

LOST CHILD: Residents reported Saturday night that there was an unusual party crasher at a graduation reception.  The residents called police after a 3-year-old boy wandered into the party around 9:30 p.m. and proceeded to 'make himself at home.'  Police discovered that the boy had walked from his backyard on Dorchester Circle to the party.  He was reunited with his parents.

ARGUMENT: A customer and cashier began arguing over a 6-cent difference on the bill Feb. 8 at a restaurant on Medina Square.  Police responded to mediate, and the manager waived the bill in order to maintain a good relationship with the customer.

GROUNDED?: After his mother had disciplined him, a young boy called 911 to complain to police but then hung up.  The incident occurred around 7:20 p.m., June 28.  Dispatch responded and warned the boy not to call 911 unless it was an emergency.

EGGED: A Harding Street resident told police that a vehicle, which was parked at the home, incurred possible paint damage from a barrage of eggs that were thrown at the car around 2:25 p.m., June 29.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Police advised two brothers to 'grow up' on June 30 after they got into a punching match over ice cream.  The brothers got into an argument about which one of them ate some ice cream earlier in the week.  One brother called police after the argument degenerated into a pushing and shoving match.

TAKING OR GIVING?: A W. Smith Road man contacted police around 2:43 p.m. on Christmas Day, wanting to bring charges against his girlfriend's son.  Allegedly, while the couple was out, the boy opened his Christmas presents without permission.  Police told the man that the incident is not theft because they were the boy's presents.

Welcome to Ohio.

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