Friday, July 16, 2010

licensed driver

Do I look excited in my new license picture?  Because I am.

I tried putting off the exam for as long as I could.  I really really really don't like taking tests.  They make me sweat, literally.  A lot. I held off through two moves, new bank accounts, the purchase of a home, and other adjustments that defined our permanency as residents here.

My husband is the kind of person who jumps right in to these sorts of things and says, "What's the worse that can happen?"  Then he passes, just like that.  I am the opposite.  I sit on it, overanalyze it, anxiously hoping that somehow my avoidance will change the outcome.

Well, I decided that today I was going to face my fear.  I put my big girl pants on and drove myself to the BMV (we have a Bureau of Motor Vehicles 'round these parts).

I haven't taken this type of exam since I was 17!  I'm pretty sure I gave all of the staff who helped me through the process quite a show. When I'm nervous or excited, I talk nonstop and I make jokes.  So there I was, Ms. Chatterbox, being funny and awkward and asking questions about everything.  When I sat down to take my test, I put the headphones on, tuned everyone else out, and exclaimed "yesssss!" when I got an answer right and "nooooo, what?!? Ugghh!" when I got an answer wrong.

When the computer told me I passed, I was so excited.  I left my station like I owned the place.  The staff were all looking at me with smiles on their faces.  Before I walked to the other side of the building to get my picture taken, I apologized for being so noisy. Two of them said in unison, "Welcome to Ohio."

Watch out deer, there's a new driver in town.


  1. did you blur out your Ht and Wt? Shameless.

  2. hahaha Yes, I did. More to keep cyber stalkers guessing than anything else. Maybe I want them to think I'm really tall or perhaps shorter than average? This is what I tell myself anyway. :)

  3. You rock lady. You're incredibly official now. :) Love you.

  4. I would have put it off longer than you! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations!
    Oooo they do it by computer? None of this writting stuff that they do over here. But then again they probably don't have the palleta guy on the corner or the lady hawking tamales in the parking lot. Ahhhh Santa Ana!

  6. haha Yes! I miss being in Santa Ana and hearing the call of the street vendors.. and the festive car horns. Ohio is very polish!