Saturday, July 10, 2010

falling trees

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If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

My husband and I have debated this question for years.  I say yes.  He says no.  I know about the sound waves versus vibrations argument, and it depends on how you define sound, etc. etc., but I still say yes. Chris still says no.

I love our playful banter, even if my husband is wrong.

Now, I'm not mentioning this because I'm looking for your opinion (no offense), I mention it because yesterday a thought occurred to me that reminded me of this debate.

Yesterday was a surprisingly overcast day sandwiched in-between our weeks of heat.  And by overcast, I don't mean cool.  The temperature does drop, but we're talking from the 90s to the 80s, and the humidity is high.  Not my ideal, but I'll take whatever cooling trend I can get, even if it only lasts 24 hours (and I still end up sweating so much I feel like a wet noodle).  While walking a track at the local middle school, I had my iPod on and playing a delicious mix of bubblegum pop, gospel and folk songs.  I noticed several other runners and walkers were also circling the track with music devices in their ears.

When I walk and listen to music, I tend to sing out loud.  It's rare that I know all the lyrics to a song, but I like to sing what I do know. While doing this yesterday, I looked around at everyone else and wondered if they were singing, too.  Of course, with my earbuds in my ears, I wouldn't hear them if they were.

So my question is, if a room full of people are listening to personal music devices (with headphones on) and singing out loud, but no one without headphones on is present to hear them, do they make a sound?  Okay, I realize it's a stretch, but the thought amused me.

You should know that these thoughts exist in a place my husband calls 'Amy World.'


  1. Your thought reminded me of what Jesus said when people were getting angry that He was being celebrated, "If they're not praising me, then even the rocks would cry out."

    We don't hear those rocks, but the Lord does. I believe we would be heard, enjoyed, and giggled at by God.

  2. I just love this, Tara! Thinking about God giggling makes me smile.

  3. ROFL! I have to comment b/c we have an ongoing joke around here about Lisaland. I think Lisaland and Amy World would be great allies :) Your blogs are great, luv :))

  4. I have to agree with you Amy...A tree will still make sound when it falls even when no ones around to here it. I can still talk even though no ones around me to here yes.. if a tree falls and no ones around to here it, it does make a sound.

  5. Colorful minds think alike. Love it!! :)