Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Northeast Ohio is known for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie, Amish country and LeBron James.

It is also known for electrical storms.

When we moved here, I was naive to, well, pretty much everything about it, including where Ohio was on the map (don't judge).

Until three months ago, the only time I heard the Emergency Alert System was for the regular testing they played on the radio, usually interrupting my favorite song.  Here it seems to be a common part of TV and audio programming, including warning sirens in our neighborhood.  Today was no exception.

I'm starting to recognize the signs of a storm brewing, namely how the air feels.  These intense weather patterns seem to occur when it's extremely warm and humid outside, reminding me of having a fever. You feel the heat climb, then the clouds roll in, and the sky starts to twitch with a few lighting strikes here and there.. and there again. Within 20-30 minutes the wind is howling, and the fever breaks, resulting in an incredible display of light and sound.  Hubby and I've already experienced thunder claps that have literally shook us in our bed and woken us from sleep.

Apparently, businesses and homes in our neighborhood lost power today.  I was walking to my car with a full grocery cart when the rain was at its worst.  Somehow I manage to time my grocery shopping for when storms hit.  It's uncanny.  I see the signs on my way in to the store and by the time I make my exit, I'm caught in it.

I'll admit, the tornado sirens are thrilling to me.  I suppose I should learn the appropriate steps to take in the event of a storm that severe.  For now, I squeal with delight and anticipate the greatest show on earth.

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