Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ham loaf

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Green bean casserole and deviled eggs got their big break in this part of the country.  They became the shining stars of church potlucks and holiday dinners with their careers spanning generations.

It's been documented.

The cuisine of the midwest that never quite made it to my plate on the west coast are now showing up in various forms on menus and salad bars across Medina.  While curious dishes to me, the locals rave about them.

Here is a list I've compiled since becoming a resident: perch, deep fried green beans, raspberry fluff, Watergate salad, pickled eggs, ham loaf, sauerkraut balls, corn relish, and mush.

Did I mention all the butter I've seen?  Paula Deen would be proud.

So I'm learning.. and tasting.  Who knows? I might find new ways of spinning classic midwestern recipes or consider a Julie & Julia-type adventure like fellow west coaster Perisa Sadrzadeh.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll get used to marshmallows in my salad.


  1. Just as long as you don't get used to fruit cake, I'll think we'll be okay (;

  2. don't tell me that green thing is ham loaf....I mean, really, what IS THAT?

  3. Ok I hate to say this but it doesn't sound very appetizing...The green stuff looks interesting though, I'm just hoping it's jello....Love you! I love the blog :o)

  4. If you love Jello molds, check out this blog: Cheers!