Saturday, June 19, 2010

farmers market

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What is an ideal way to start the day?

I suggest a dark roast cup of coffee, and a trip to your local farmers market.  Happy for me, our community artisans gather in the townsquare on Saturday mornings from June to October to share their wares and livelihoods.

Minus the husband-wife duo singing classic rock cover songs in the gazebo (!), everything else about the scene was delightful, especially the free samples!  Homemade baked goods, organic produce, Amish cheese, honey, hemp seed products, cherry jam, goat cheese fudge, small batch coffee, olive oil, framed photography, wood carvings, crafts, and handmade potholders; it was all there.

My friend Anna and I enjoyed filling our oversized bags with bok choy, summer squash, brown rice granola bars and copper pendants, and eating a basket of cherries on our walk home.

The best compliment to our stroll was seeing two boys selling lemonade on the corner.

This is the good life.


  1. I just love everything you have to say...about pretty much everything.

  2. Indeed, 'twas a lovely day. <3 - Anna Joy

  3. Farmers market season is coming around again, I can't wait! Does anyone have any market favorites? I'm a sucker for fresh fruit and cheeses. Anything made from goat cheese is my friend! :)